About Us

The Pangea Experience

A Well-rounded, Exclusive Approach to Skill-Building and Career Advancement.

Incorporating three key pillars to maximize every student's online learning journey.

Quality Courses from Global Leaders

Gain peace of mind knowing that your time will be spent on quality online courses that set the foundation for a new career, help you advance in your role, or prepare for industry-recognized certifications. 

Powered by global leaders such as Simplilearn, Preppy, Muzzy Lane, and more, Pangea Learning connects learners with the learning materials essential for any skill gap.

Smooth Student Financing Process

These days, every aspect of student loans can be a challenge - from knowing where to apply, to understanding what programs you can use loans for. 

Our exclusive learning model strips away the red tape and confusion, connecting students directly with financing providers that make the process quick and seamless. 

Pangea Placement™ Job Opportunities

Once learners have completed their coursework, Pangea Placement™ is available to assist with job opportunities! Powered by Overture staffing, students can be placed into 1099 contractor roles on a shift basis - sometimes with daily compensation.

 Don't let weeks or months go by after your course is complete, or your certification has been achieved - jump straight into work near you, with Pangea Placement™ services!


Reach out to our team to explore partnership opportunities, or contact Admissions for course enrollment support!